The Different Types Of Wheelchairs: Choose The Best One That Will Fit Your Needs

by on March 27, 2016

When you sustain injuries in your leg or body and be unable to move about like you use to, wheelchairs will come to your rescue. It’s hard to go on depending on them for all your needs. So, to make you independent even when you find it to go from one place to another, wheelchairs will take care of your problem. The key in getting the best one for all your needs is to explore the different kinds of these chairs. To make things easier, we have brought you some different types of wheelchairs. Keep reading to find out the best one that matches all your needs.

Lightweight Wheelchairs

This type of wheelchairs falls under the main category of manual wheelchairs. They are not that heavy ad also designed especially for people who twenty nine to thirty four pond weights range. Unlike other wheelchairs you can fold them and even pack it to your car when you are travelling. If you are a person who is even below the above mentioned weight range, not to worry there are also ultra-lightweight wheelchairs made for your needs. This type is the latest in this field. Also it’s easy to use and fit for people who have stamina to use their arm or shoulder to operate it.

If you don’t have that strength to use a wheelchair manually, then it does opt for you to change to a mobility scooter Australia.

It doesn’t need your help to operate but a great transport method for you from here to there. People who are suffering with obesity, lung issues and arthritis find this mobility scooter the best and most convenient option for their mobility needs.

Ergonomic Wheelchairs

Patients want to feel comfortable and relived from their pains when they sit on their new wheelchairs. Ergonomic wheelchairs are designed to take away those pains and give you satisfactions and relief from spinal injuries. Also it is made according to the body’s shape which has many benefits. It distributes your weight properly, lowers the risk of pressure and also as aforementioned makes you feel comfortable. If you want to experience the ultimate relief you get from a wheelchair, its best you check for all the options you have with this kind of wheelchair. You need to get the best deal, so go online and check in several websites because each one of them have different rates and qualities. Also you will have different companies that help you to buy them or get for hire.

Standing Wheelchairs

With this type of wheelchair you can control it totally including the speed, angle with the access to the joy stick. It is a great way to relive your pressure and to take you to anywhere you want to go. It has certain health benefits like pressure relief, blood circulation and improvement of muscle tone. So, you don’t want to totally depend on others plus when you are going out in the vehicle you can simply fold it and store.