Cosmetic Surgery And The Speeding Up Of Ageing

by on March 2, 2016

Cosmetic surgery is something that many people, in varying ages and constitutions, tend to veer off to when they seem that their appearance is not enough. While in the majority of these cases the root cause is vanity and most cosmetic surgeons tend to operate on perfectly healthy individuals, there seems to be a case of wondering whether the supposedly ‘anti-ageing’ surgery actually does in fact do the exact same opposite. The number of women and men who tend to get blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), liposuction, abdominoplasty (tummy tucks) and brow lifts done, and Botox Sydney and other famous cities for cosmetic surgery, actually end up having to do multiple cases of surgery in consecutive months and years in order to keep the same look as they had before they took surgery.

•         How successful are these operations at botox injections Sydney and elsewhere?

According to professional cosmetic surgeons, many patients tend to come back after surgery with the regret of doing one in the first place due to the effects waning as time goes by. Surgeries like liposuction actually tend to make the patient look normal with the clothes on but as time goes by the skin will become rough, loose and discolored and in essence, tend to look far worse than the original condition it was in.

•         How assuring are these practices of anti-ageing?

Most of the procedures used for cosmetic surgery have not been tested out properly, and in most cases as the biological clock ticks and the body itself changes over time, these procedures are not fit to keep up with the body itself. In most cases today people tend to come in to see cosmetic surgeons to undo the effects of the cosmetic surgery done before. Although there are some measures which can be taken to undo the adverse effects, most problems cannot be easily corrected. Loose skin that becomes the result of liposuction after some years cannot be rectified; hair loss of scalp due to brow and facelifts cannot be undone.

In countries like France and America, where the anti-ageing trend started much earlier than the rest of the world, the effects of these procedures have come in full effect. And the results are most shocking than was thought of as the patients themselves understand that the areas where they underwent the cosmetic fixing ages much faster than the rest of the body. Adverse effects of cosmetic surgery starts to pop up after a year or so of surgery and the progressive affordable dermal fillers Sydney accelerated ageing starts up and end up making the patient have the standard post-cosmetic-operation look that many people tend to have now.