Advantages And Disadvantages Of Alternate Medication

by on February 7, 2016

There is a growing trend for the use of alternate medication to cure many sicknesses. While western practitioners have also shown an interest to learn these different forms of healing the body, more and more people are starting to believe in its benefits.

However, there are both advantages and disadvantages associated with alternate medication. It is good to be aware of these before putting yourself through any such treatment, just so that you have peace of mind when doing so.


Addresses the entire body

Almost all of the alternate medication techniques follow the principal of brining balance to the mind and body. They do not see a disease or an illness as an isolated problem, rather as a loss of balance. This is very prominently seen in acupuncture in Melbourne at Dr Christine Cui Women’s Health.

Regardless of whether fertility issues, stress related illness or physical disability is addressed, the treatment is designed to improve blood flow within the body which will allow all the systems to function effectively. These holistic approaches alternate methods take to healing, makes it popular among people who believe in the wellbeing of both the body and soul.

Focuses on prevention rather than cure

Chinese medicine acupuncture isn’t only administered when people are diagnosed with a specific illness. Those who want to keep their body healthy also go in for such medications since no drugs or chemicals are introduced to the system.

The concept called “well visits” are encouraged in alternate medicine which aims at preventing diseases from occurring rather than having to intervene when the body is already under stress.


Lack of scientific research

Even though most of these techniques come from old cultural practices and religious backgrounds, they are relatively new when considering commercial use. Therefore, there isn’t adequate scientific research done on these methods. Since these procedures aren’t endorsed by some conventional professionals, the chance for research on the subject to be funded is very limited.

This might be an issue in case any negative effects result from going through a procedure that falls under alternate medication. However, such situations are quite and rare.

Interactions with drugs

This issue arises when going through alternate medication while being on conventional drugs. Since you could be given different herbal substances as a part of your alternate treatment, harmful interactions are a definite possibility.

The best way to avoid such problems is by revealing your medical history and current conditions including the drugs you are taking and the treatments you are going through to your practitioners. This way, they would ensure that you are not given medications that interact with each other.