How to Take Care of Elderly Parents Moving into your Home

by on January 24, 2016


As our parents get older and show signs of aging and already needs extra care, many of us consider bringing them to our own home to stay with us. This is very challenging to each one of us. If you think of moving an elderly parent into your home, it’s not only important to know the medications needed for your parent’s but there are some things you need to consider.

Your home in its current form may be just fine for you and your family. Therefore it is necessary for you to make appropriate changes to your home to provide privacy, care and safety with a suitable comfortable space for your parents. Preparing and making necessary arrangements to provide the needed safety modifications according to your parents are important.

Providing the essential safety needs in your parents bathroom is something very important which you need to consider. Creating handicapped accessible toilets, showers and tubs with grab bars, a shower chair which can be purchased from hospital furniture suppliers stores that can help you prepare your parents living life easier.

Also it’s important for you to get a height adjustable bed with wheels so that you can use for emergency which can be purchased from hospital furniture suppliers. Make sure you make a wider door way access to your parent’s room which will allow you to access a wheel chair or to roll out the bed in case of emergency. Also making an outdoor access to your parent’s room will also help you for medical purposes.

Considering the flooring, lighting and colors for your parent’s room is essential. You can add a carpet in the room for the wheel chair to easily roll over. As falling on concrete floor or tiles will make a huge damage to your elderly parents carpeting the whole room will protect your parent’s from hard falls. On carpet, there would still be a fall, but it would be a little softer not making huge damages to your parents. Keeping the room open and as light as possible is also important for your parent’s vision. Adding light color paints to the room which will make the room light and adding a door which can be opened for natural light will make your parents mind comfortable.

These are some few arrangements you will need to do before moving your elderly parents to your home. By helping your parents out of love you can increase your parents trust in you, which gives value to what you’re doing and will often give you the strength to carry on.