Appearance Does Not Matter? Whom Are We Lying To?

by on May 5, 2016

There are so many stereotypes everywhere. But some people just let out statements like appearance does not matter but what lays inside matters. Quantity does not matter quality does. First impressions matters. But whom are we lying to?

Statistical studies show that the people who are fairer in colour are more likely to get a job than the dark skinned people. Yes media plays a major role in these types of stereotype. Televisions made the dumb blond jokes properly making all blonds look dumb. Red heads are known that they are very beautiful but they are soulless. Then there are several other things like in all english serials the Indian men are portrayed as not dateable material and unattractive. A survey by psychology students showed that their women consider Indian men unattractive and never would want to date them.

Other famous stereotypes and negative image shown in movies is the awkward nerd with pushed up teeth which gives them a unattractive look along with their big glasses. They will be bullied often but still they will act like it does not matter. People do not date them since they are laughing stock of the dating market.

These people do not have to worry when denture services are available. These services will make you look back beautiful like the movies where the dorks and the ugly ones turns into princes over night due to some kind of magical powers. Here your magical fairy is going to the dentist.

Whatever you do, stereotypes will stay rooted on earth till media decides to show everyone is beautiful and different in their own way which will never happen on this earth. People aunty females are encouraged to do cosmetic surgery which is very bad for health and body. There are reports of those implants killing people or failing to complete it’s job.

Yes appearance are deceptive. From this, you can make sure not to judge someone based on their appearance. Not to select potential lovers or boyfriends based on what they show they have. You should choose a partner who is more that cute and handsome looking person. No one will have any use of having a boyfriends who looks like a model who just walked out of vogue when he does not know your value and does not treat you properly. Some guys treat girls like a object used for sex and child bearing. You do not need such kind of negative relationship that will make you forget your own self.

Oh girls are no better! Guys be careful when you are going to date someone. You do not want fake boobs and false lips as a girl friend. You need someone who will be your emotional support in distress, someone who treats you more than a money bank which gives money. It should be chose carefully because you are going to more time with the person than others and you are at a serious problem of changing your own self while associate yourself with them. You might loses yourself and become insecure and confused about yourself when you date the wrong person. Date the person who is doing everything to make you smile or the one whose smile you think is the most important thing on world. Appearance matters but appearance is not the only think that matters.