Things You Never Thought Doing During the Weekend

by on June 21, 2016


Every weekend are you following the same old routine? Well, this time you need to do some changes to it. Do you know that every time when you do new things and explore, it increase brain power and memory? Well, yes! So, get up from the sofa, go outdoors and enjoy some cool breeze. Here are some activities you want to enjoy this weekend.

Do some exercises

You might not have time to do any exercise during the weekdays because of work. But there’s no reason why you can’t do it during the weekend. A healthy life starts with healthy food and exercise. You don’t have to go the gym for a workout (its best if you can) if you don’t like but you can get going by yourself. Simple things like taking walks, working outdoors, doing household chores and also taking up weekend exercise classes will help you a lot.

Do some sports

If you have long lost connection with a sports club that you used to play, why not check it this time? It can be basketball, cricket, baseball or any type of sport. You can call along some of your friends who used to play with you and then have some fun. After all, it’s something so good like going for exercise classes.

North Sydney Sports and Chiropractic have associates that can suggest the best exercises for you. 

Attend to a workshop

There are so many workshops happening in and out your city. You can check for a one with good topics and attend. Whether you want to attend to a comedy workshop or you want some help with parenting, good relationships, upgrade certain skills, drama workshops, etc. you can see them online and book your tickets. You will be able to bring home some new thoughts and also to clear most of your doubts.

Window shopping

Bored doing nothing at home? Well, you can do some window shopping in the street. Don’t have to take a lot of money or even go to every shop to buy things. After all, you don’t need a special reason to go shopping. Just go through all the shops, new arrivals and items. Who knows whether you will spot something that you can’t take your eyes off and end of paying for it? Window shopping is fun and don’t forget to have some ice creams and beverages along the way.

Make flower decorations

You don’t have to have special skills to make a lovely arrangement to keep in your dining table. All you need is some flowers and tape/wire to bind them. Especially if you have some lovely fragrant flowers in your garden, you can start picking some of them and making arrangements for different places in your home. Try to make your interior look pretty with these decors.

Get Back That Younger Looking Skin By Getting Rid Of Wrinkles

by on June 15, 2016

Your Skin is your treasure and it ought to be treated with care. Often we face several skin problems with the major one being wrinkles, which finally leads to aging look. But thankfully there are solutions to treat and even prevent wrinkles and saving us from premature skin aging.

Along with cosmetic treatments for wrinkles and aging, such as laser resurfacing in Brisbane, there are some natural solutions too. The best part is these natural solutions are cheap and you can always find them in your home.

Use Cucumber – Cold cream made with the mixture of aloe and cucumber is very effective and it acts like blessing on your skin. With the course of time and advancement in age, an individual’s skin becomes dry and dull, however, this particular extremely hydrating cream keep the radiant look of the skin with the assistance of hydrating aloe vera, the exfoliating lactic acid of the yogurt and brightening fresh lemon. It is advisable to apply a very thick layer of the cucumber aloe cold cream on your face and leave the cream on your face for at least half an hour. After that, smoothly remove the mask with the aid of a moistened washcloth and then tone it. If you have too much wrinkles, you can try anti-wrinkle treatment, like laser resurfacing. Check this website if you are looking for a right cosmetic clinic. 

Use Blueberry – The mask of blueberry granola exfoliating is beneficial for a person’s skin. Antioxidant rich blueberries, raw almonds, which are packed with vitamin E and essential fatty acids are the base of this beauty giving mask and scrub combination. Moreover, whole oats are incorporated for only their anti-inflammatory properties, whereas fresh milk and honey are helping to cleanse and brighten up your skin. It is advisable to apply the mask generously for moisturizing the skin and let it dry for 20 minutes. In a gentle way massage the mixture in a very slow and in circular motion unless it crumbles away. After a while, rinse along with tepid water and then apply toner. Use it every week.
Use cleanser made from rice and milk – Rise is used in Japan’s traditional ingredient in the list of skin care and it is very rich in vitamin E, it assists to exfoliate and smooth your skin. You can moistened this cleanser along with plain water, however, rice- milk is quite better as it does the addition of retinol-building vitamin A and protective calcium. It is suggested to do the mixing of the brown rice flour with milk for the formation of a smooth paste. Massage the whole mixture on the skin in a much slower and circular motion. Then, rinse well with tepid water and after that apply toner, moisturizer.