Appearance Does Not Matter? Whom Are We Lying To?

by on May 5, 2016

There are so many stereotypes everywhere. But some people just let out statements like appearance does not matter but what lays inside matters. Quantity does not matter quality does. First impressions matters. But whom are we lying to?

Statistical studies show that the people who are fairer in colour are more likely to get a job than the dark skinned people. Yes media plays a major role in these types of stereotype. Televisions made the dumb blond jokes properly making all blonds look dumb. Red heads are known that they are very beautiful but they are soulless. Then there are several other things like in all english serials the Indian men are portrayed as not dateable material and unattractive. A survey by psychology students showed that their women consider Indian men unattractive and never would want to date them.

Other famous stereotypes and negative image shown in movies is the awkward nerd with pushed up teeth which gives them a unattractive look along with their big glasses. They will be bullied often but still they will act like it does not matter. People do not date them since they are laughing stock of the dating market.

These people do not have to worry when denture services are available. These services will make you look back beautiful like the movies where the dorks and the ugly ones turns into princes over night due to some kind of magical powers. Here your magical fairy is going to the dentist.

Whatever you do, stereotypes will stay rooted on earth till media decides to show everyone is beautiful and different in their own way which will never happen on this earth. People aunty females are encouraged to do cosmetic surgery which is very bad for health and body. There are reports of those implants killing people or failing to complete it’s job.

Yes appearance are deceptive. From this, you can make sure not to judge someone based on their appearance. Not to select potential lovers or boyfriends based on what they show they have. You should choose a partner who is more that cute and handsome looking person. No one will have any use of having a boyfriends who looks like a model who just walked out of vogue when he does not know your value and does not treat you properly. Some guys treat girls like a object used for sex and child bearing. You do not need such kind of negative relationship that will make you forget your own self.

Oh girls are no better! Guys be careful when you are going to date someone. You do not want fake boobs and false lips as a girl friend. You need someone who will be your emotional support in distress, someone who treats you more than a money bank which gives money. It should be chose carefully because you are going to more time with the person than others and you are at a serious problem of changing your own self while associate yourself with them. You might loses yourself and become insecure and confused about yourself when you date the wrong person. Date the person who is doing everything to make you smile or the one whose smile you think is the most important thing on world. Appearance matters but appearance is not the only think that matters.

The Importance Of The Small Upward Curve On Your Lips Called Smile!

by on May 5, 2016

Human beings are known as social beings. The mere presence of someone else will affect another person. This is not due to the fact that the person will be judging you or based on any source of comfort. But the human beings are called social beings because it is all unconscious or conscious. For example, you are walking the road listening to music from your phone and you are smiling at the lyrics. The person passing by you and you are sharing an small moments in which both of you stare into each others our eyes for few seconds, simply given them a small smile. The person might have been facing a hard day in work or they might be facing the results of a complicated decision or absurd decision they made. A small smile from you will not kill anyone but just make them feel happy among chaos.

The important factor have a good smile

We need a good teeth structure and it should be represent in place. When the milk tooth falls off, the permanent teeth will grow out. During this time, you should everything to keep your teeth form perfectly right on place. If they are a bit unruly or not in designated place, you can make use of mouth clips and braces to help the teeth move back into its place.

There are situations in which your permanent teeth would fall off. This means you are toothless like the dragon from ‘how to train your dragons’. Similarly to the dragon discovering it’s power and various features and getting new. When you loose your teeth or a tooth, you can find a denture repair services who would give you back your teeth and your perfect smile. But taking care of the artificial teeth is more harder than normal ones.

Why smile at everyone and cause trouble?

Yes, it can be understood that smiling at perfect strangers could, of course cause many problem mainly when there is an issue of gender differences. A guy would be called a flirt or rogue for just giving him non sensitive terms like those and females are also called flirts, sluts and other names. If a guy is interested in you when you are not aware of things like that; then there is a chance he might think you are interested in him too. But then smile is still beautiful things have with you irrespective of whatever you may think. When you see a baby, an older woman, a female or male your age and in a better society where females are not objectified, in that society you can smile guys. Smiling at them and their reaction would keep your walks entertaining.

The Different Ways In Which You Could Alter Your Appearance

by on April 28, 2016

Due to certain instances in life your life your appearance is bound to change. For example, after giving birth, recovering from a disease or just by aging could cause your appearance to alter. It is important that you embrace the different changes your body may go through however; if you are not satisfied with the way you look there are ways to modify your appearance.

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery can change many aspects of your appearance from facial features to your body shape. For example, if you are not happy with the set of teeth you have been given you can consult with a cosmetic dentist in Melbourne CBD who would have the ability to modify your set of teeth or if you feel your breasts are too big and it is causing you pain you can opt for having breast reduction surgery. Plastic surgery can help you feel better about your appearance and thus make you feel better about yourself however it is important to understand that plastic surgery comes with its risks. The surgery may not always produce the desired results, leaving you disappointed and the outcome may even make you feel worse about yourself. Not only is the surgery painful but it will be expensive as well. Complications can occur with even the most simplest of surgery’s therefore it is important that you are aware of all the risks before making a decision to go through with the operation.

Natural ways 

Changing your appearance in order to boost your self-esteem and self-satisfaction levels can be brought about in healthy ways as well. For example if you are obese, your only option is not to go under the knife in order to lose the weight; you can find natural ways of doing this such as daily exercise and eating a healthy diet. The results may take some time but alerting your appearance using natural techniques will give you a sense of accomplishment as well as enhancing your self-confidence. Losing weight using natural techniques as opposed to plastic surgery will also result in you having fewer health issues.

If you decide to lose weight using natural procedures it is important to think carefully about the techniques you are using as even certain natural methods can be damaging to your health and mental well-being. For example, if you resort to starving yourself and you start depriving yourself of meals when you are hungry it could cause health problems and it will also cause your frustration and stress levels to rise.